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#Small backup client for AxonDB
# Small backup client for AxonDB
Idea behind this client is to schedule AxonDB backups and store them in predefined location.
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In case of docker use `nohup java -jar backup.jar --spring.config.location=/axondb-backup.yml &` in your run script to run it in background to AxonDB.
## Restore
To restore copy all files events backups to corresponding folders in AxonDB.
Also copy last controlDB dump and name it `${db-name}.mv.db` depending on your config.
After start AxonDB should load all restored events and load all new ones from other replicas.
##Manual Testing
## Manual Testing
This project has AxnDb load test that can be used to generate events in your AxonDB instance to force it's backup.
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